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PIDM List of Deposit Products

Register of Insured Deposit Products

(Total Insured Products : 8)

No. Name of Deposit Product Code Deposit Type Currency
1. Basic Current Account 0259CR0100000001 Demand Deposit Ringgit
2. Basic Savings Account 0259CR0200000001 Savings Deposit Ringgit
3. All-in-one Savings Account 0259CM0200000001 Savings Deposit Ringgit & Foreign Currency
4. Multi-currency Current Account 0259CM0100000001 Demand Deposit Ringgit & Foreign Currency
5. Multi-currency Fixed Deposit 0259CM0300000001 Fixed Deposit Ringgit & Foreign Currency
6. Money Market Deposit 0259CM0700000001 Short Term Deposit Ringgit & Foreign Currency
7. Escrow Account 0259CR9900000001 Other Deposit Ringgit & Foreign Currency
8. Trade Foreign Currency Account 0259CF0100000001 Demand Deposit Foreign Currency


Register of Uninsured Deposit Products

(Total Uninsured Products : 1)

No. Name of Deposit Product Code Deposit Type Currency
1. Margin Deposit 0259CR9900000001 Other Deposits Ringgit



Important Notice

Money withdrawal from your insured deposit(s) is no longer protected by PIDM if transferred to a:

  1. deposit account payable outside Malaysia;
  2. deposit account held by a financial institution conducting Labuan banking business or Labuan Islamic banking business;
  3. deposit account held by a non-DTM; or
  4. Non-deposit account (e.g. unit trust,securities trading account).

Note: The PIDM List of Insured Deposit Products are available at our bank’s official website:


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