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Personal Internet Banking


1. User Name Management
Personalize the logon User Name according to personal favors.

2. A/C Alias Management
Name your accounts or cards of Internet Banking for easy maintenance.

3. Add Registered Account
Add bank accounts to Internet Banking to be the registered accounts of Internet Banking (for USB Shield Customer Only).

4. Del Linked Cards & A/C
Self-Delete linked cards and accounts by the customer.

1. Balance Enquiry

Enquiry the current balance of registered accounts and their linked accounts under Internet Banking.

2. Details Enquiry
Enquire or download all transactions detail (or one by one) in a period of time (half a year at most) of registered accounts and their linked accounts under Internet Banking.

3. Bank Statement Enquiry/Download
This function supports the enquiry and download of Statements for all accounts registered under Internet Banking.

4. Check e-Payroll Slip–summary
Check your salary online only after your company signs an agreement to authorize ICBC to pay payroll via Internet Banking. Information provided is for reference only, cannot be served as accounting entry.

5. Check e-slip
Enquire and print the e-slip of transfer through Internet Banking.

6. Report Loss
It is a group of function for temporary loss report of registered card of Internet Banking, under-linked card/account.

1. Transfer from Current Account to Current Account

Account transfer can be done between two current accounts among registered cards or its linked accounts under Internet Banking.

2. ICBC (M) Remittance
ICBC (M) Remittance can transfer money from your Registered Account into other ICBC (M) accounts except those in the Registered Account.

(IV) Fixed Deposit
1. My Fixed Deposit

A series of functions include viewing the fixed deposits balance currently held in the registration card, withdrawing partial of the balance, continuing the balance of fixed deposit and withdrawing interest from the renewal account.

2. To Fixed Deposit
Make fixed deposit both in RM and other foreign currency.

3. Withdrawal fixed deposit
Registered Fixed deposit can be transferred to the registered savings accounts.

It is a group of Internet Banking functions to manage welcome page, customer information, password, USB-Shield, and customizing personal details.


• To meet customers’ needs and wants anytime anywhere in achieving inquiries, transfers, financial management, etc.

• Customers are only be able to perform any transaction by logging in own account with password secured and protected.
• This is increasing the transaction efficiency because customers need not to visit to the branch for certain transaction by just fingertips.

(VI)Personal Internet Banking Forms
Personal Internet Banking Application/ Maintenance Form >>

Please take note that ICBC Malaysia will not collect customer information such as personal details, personal account information, online banking user name, or password or other personal security information through physical mail, email or telephone. If you receive any text messages or links that are required to log in to the bank's website, please do not click on the website, but log in to the correct website:

If you have any queries about personal online banking services, please reach up to any branches during business hours for more information.

KL Main Branch  : 03-2172 6666 ( )
Kuching Branch  : 082- 272 8888 ( )
Johor Bharu Branch : 07-2310 888( )